RSG Inc. has been enhancing retail processes and installations since 1988

Retail Services Group Inc. is a privately held U.S. company with a global presence in offering a complete suite of Retail technologies and solutions. The President of Retail Services Group Inc. is internationally recognized as a true innovator in retail technologies who recognizes revolutions in Retail before they are officially declared.

We are extremely proud of our market presence and innovative solutions. We deploy best-in-class processes, solutions and technologies with an immediate ROI. We have a perfect track record in deploying solutions that are reliable, scalable and cost effective, striking an optimal balance between technology and customer satisfaction.

Retail Services Group Inc. is committed to leading outside the lines – We determine your needs, then deploy a totally managed solution designed around a positive customer experience. We are also committed to monitoring current and emerging technologies that could improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

  • External business strategy, internal operating strategy, and technology are intertwined. Senior executives, especially CIOs and COOs, must have a solid understanding of all three and must achieve an ideal balance to maximize organizational and stakeholder value.
  • Execution matters most. A strategy without execution is the same as no strategy. Organizations must be empowered with both strategy and execution to achieve meaningful results.

Successful executives must build great teams and give them the guidance and the freedom to execute. They must balance the needs of individuals with those of the organization when forming a team, and employ a blend of management techniques (e.g. nurture, lead, push, teach, direct, encourage, etc.) that will allow the team to function at its highest level.

Our Philosophy

“Genius is knowing what no one else knows and Brilliance is seeing what no one else sees – In today’s Tsunami of choice you need to have both to effectively grow your business. Understanding retail and deploying technologies that work is what we do.”

Our Commitment

IT Strategy is critical – Technology is constantly evolving, and staying on top of new and emerging technologies can be a full time job. Let our experience and expertise in Information Technology and Retail result in a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

About Us

Sun Tzu believed that if your view or perspective is flawed, then all action that follows will be incorrect. Retail Services Group Inc. combines experience with expertise to ensure that we have the correct view and perspective, and deploy technology that meets current and evolving needs. We also believe that all retail technology should result in a positive customer experience.

Our Retail Value Proposition

  • We understand retail and pride ourselves on consistently deploying technologies that work.
  • We first seek to understand your business, challenges, competitive threats, customer demands and constraints. Following a complete analysis, we offer a customized solution tailored to your needs.
  • We have a global presence and a vast North American footprint fueled by 24/7 same-day multi- lingual support.
  • We choose our partners very carefully and have strategic alliances with companies that create a stronger value proposition for our customers through our combined strength. We complement our partners rather than subsidize capabilities.
  • Complete Project Management for installs, swaps and rollouts.
  • Retail Services Group Inc. is committed to helping our retail customers transform their business for profitable growth by leveraging a focused approach to innovation. We have been extremely successful in creating a paradigm shift for our customers by explaining how a connected culture can improve customer service and the bottom line.